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Friends of MSD Foundation

  • LATGRÀFICS – Printing and Design. An entity must have a logo that represents it. Latgràfics has managed to graphically represent our struggle with a sensitive and affectionate image. We are immensely grateful because without asking and in a disinterested way, they have given us the push we needed to get up as an entity. The design wants to reflect the protection of the family, the fragility of Ivet, its innocence and sweetness like that of every child. Thanks, Núria and Rafa.

  • RIUS CONSULTORS Office of advisers in Terrassa – Without your fantastic help our project would not have been a reality. Your advice, your support in the preparation of the documentation for the constitution of the Foundation. His involvement is totally disinterested … people help people and our cause needed a firm foundation and follow a guided path. Thanks to Mr. Enric Rius and Mrs. Eva Albet.

  • Àngels Pujantell Cabanas – Dedicated and delivered to our cause. The mastery of the English language is essential for communication with families, members of other foundations and foreign researchers. Thank you very much for your time and esteem.

  • Mariana Herrero Fontanet – Mariana was the first person to start our campaign converting her birthday gift into a donation for an entity that still does not exist, but with an objective that already haunted our dreams. Many thanks for your sincere thoughts, they have guided us to begin the first steps so that science makes a step towards the treatment of Gene Therapy for MSD.

  • Conxita Ro, Josep Mª Perés and friends – A birthday gift could not be better spent … we will promote scientific research to improve the lives of a few children who, unfortunately, suffer from an extremely minority disease, such as MSD. Your great gesture and that of your friends fill us with hope. A thousand thanks for your unconditional support. Ivet is very lucky to have you so close.

  • Eva Maria Corbal San Adrián Notary of Terrassa who, apart from giving us his support, has helped us in the constitution of the Foundation. We are very grateful for both your team and Mrs. Corbal who has supervised our project and signed the constitution.

  • Kronos Temps x Aprendre – Friends are about to help and Laia Grau has edited us to a video made with a lot of sweetness and esteem. The profession is note in the details. Thank you for your dedication and speed.

  • Adrià Melús i Cuadra –The hours dedicated to making this website are many, changes, waiting, problems … but you have done it with a high professional level. Well done does not have borders, Adrià, you’re a crack! (brother of the Ivet)



The Fundació MSD – Dèficit Múltiple de Sulfactasa, aims to promote and support advances in the scientific research of MSD.

Help us to make it posible!