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Who are we?

We are a non-profit entity, constituted on October 5, 2018, with the form of Foundation, and with a very clear objective to be able to support scientific advances in the investigation of MSD disease – Sulfactase Multiple Deficit.

Our headquarters is located in the town of Ullastrell, on Sant Jaume Street, number 27 (C.P.08231-Barcelona-SPAIN), and we have a sub-headquarters in the city of Terrassa, on Calle Sant Marc, number 116. (C.P.08224-Barcelona-SPAIN)

The Foundation – Members

The creation of a Foundation is a complicated and responsible step. To make it a reality we have needed the help of some close people who have helped us and are willing to fight with us to achieve our goal.

The PATRONS of the FUNDACIO MSD – Déficit Múltiple de Sulfactasa are:


Elisabet Perés Font -President

Fortunat Melús López -Vice President

Elisabeth Casanovas Feliu -Secretary

Joan Ballbè Herrero -Member

Àngels Pujantell Cabanas -Member

Conxita Ro Peiró -Member

Natàlia by Alfonso Santiago -Member

All of them and of disinterested form, they are part of this project that gives a hope more and more next to obtain a treatment for the disease MSD.

We will destine 100% of the income to the investigation, without paying any type of expenses of trips, nor diets of the parents of Ivet, nor for Ivet, nor for any member of the patronage.



The FUNDACIÓ MSD – Déficit Múltiple de Sulfactasa aims to promote and support advances in the scientific research of MSD disease.

Help us make it possible!