With the support

The research of an illness extremely minority as it is MSD-Sulfactasa multiple Deficits, need the support of the institutions and of the nearest entities to be able to spread it and to get it in the eyes of the people.

We are very grateful to the letters of support received, as well as the interest that has woken up this fight.

We want to thank the support of,

Town halls:

  • City of Dallas
  • Terrassa City Council
  • City of Jacksonville
  • City of Rellinars
  • Ajuntament de Sant Llorenç Savall
  • Ayuntamiento de Viladecavalls

Personal supports:

  • Guillem Anglada and Escudé
  • Josep mª Bombuy and Giménez
  • Magda coal and Pascual
  • Eva mª Corbal and San Adrián
  • Rosa Massagué and Dalmases

Organizations and companies:

  • C.E.C.O. T
  • Consell Comarcal del Vallés
  • CST – the Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa
  • Mutua de Terrassa
  • Serralavella School Of Dallas
  • Industrial Institute of Terrace
  • The Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce of Terrace
  • The Rivers Consultants
  • U.E.M. – Metallurgical Business Union


  • MSD Action Foundation – Mr. Alan Finglas
  • Fundación Cure MSD – Mr. Sebastian Ballaut
  • United MSD Foundation – Ms. Amber Olsen

All of them have signed letters of support that porperament will load on the network.

The MSD Foundation – Multiple Deficit of Sulfactasa aims to promote and support the developments in the scientific research of the disease, MSD.

Help us to make this possible!

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